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Electric Skateboards for Adults 3500W Electric Longboard Offroad Dual Belt Motors Mountain Board with Remote Up to 32MPH with 8 Inch Fat Tires and Max Load 330Lbs

by Doba
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Double shock absorption
Skateboards are equipped with springs for various topography. With spring; the effect of shock absorption is better; cushioning bumps and the gliding are more comfortable.Will fully reflect the stability of the sliding jump; This makes it easy to handle a variety of rough roads.
8-inch Plastic steel inflatable wheel
Offroad wheel can conquer more terrain; Not only asphalt roads; but also all kinds of rugged roads can be easily conquered.
Big Battery capacity
The 9600mah battery provides a strong endurance for skateboards and it can last for 25miles with a single charge.
Equipped with dual-belt motors
The double 1750w*2 belt motors can provide powerful power; with a maximum speed of 32mph; fast acceleration and short braking distance.
Intelligent remote control with screen
In this suite of electric skateboards; a very simple and easy-to-use wireless remote control is added to the skateboard so that the control device of the vehicle is at your fingertips. Come with screen which you can see the data of "speed model "; remote control battery level"; "electric skateboard battery level'' and ''direction mark ".
Fourth gear speed
This skateboard is a four-speed shifting. Different speeds for different terrains; more speed options; give skateboarders a different sliding experience.


1.Type: Electric skateboard

2.Material: maple

3.Model number: ANZO-A8

4.Size: 1080*430mm

5.Applicable people: Adult

6.Motor power: 1750w*2 belt motor

7.Max speed: 32MPH

8.Max load: 150kg

9.Climbing ability: 35%

10.Battery capacity: 9.6ah 10s2p 36v

11.Wheel size: 8inch


13.Charging time: 2-4 hours

14.Net weight: 12kg

15.Gross weight: 14kg

16.Carton size: 1200*450*250mm

Package Includes:

1x electric skateboard

1x wireless remote control

1x Battery charger

1x Remote control charging line

1x T-tool

All of them are protected by Double-deck carton for safety shipment


成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-26成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-27成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-28成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-29成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-30成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-31成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-32成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-33成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-34成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-35成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-36成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-37成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-38成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-39成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-40成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-41成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-42成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-43成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-44成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-45成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-46成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-47成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-48成人电动滑板3500W电动长滑板越野双皮带电机山地滑板;  速度可达32MPH;  8英寸轮胎;  最大负载330Lbs-49